Western Union

Naša Banka a.d. offers Western Union electronic money transfer service in all its branches. Western Union provides fast and secure money transfers to/from more than 200 countries in over 500,000 locations worldwide.

The bank account is not required for either the recipient or the sender, the shipping costs are paid by the sender, while the full amount is paid to the recipient - free of charge.


Receiving money

To withdraw money, you need to come to the Bank with a valid identity card and tell the desk worker:

  •  Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
  •  Full name of the sender
  •  The country from which the money was sent
  •  The amount that you expect


Sending money

Tell the counter worker the country to which you are sending the money, the first and last name of the recipient, as well as the amount you are sending. The counter worker will notify you of the amount of the shipping fee.

Once completed, you will receive a ten-digit control number to report to the recipient.

The money will be available for withdrawal within minutes.


For more information on Western Union, call 051/220 800