Internal payment system

"From now on, you can pay public revenue through Naša Banka a.d. account, account number 554-004-00000192-37 with low fees every business day until 6:00 pm, Saturday until 1:00 pm."

Naša Banka a.d. performs internal payment operations in accordance with the license issued by the Banking Agency of the Republika Srpska on 09.10.2000. The Bank is included in the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina's giro clearing system and provides its clients with a fast and affordable payment service in over 30 branches of Naša Banka throughout the Republic of Srpska.

 Naša Banka a.d allows You to:

  •  Opening of all types of accounts for individuals and legal entities for free
  •  Receiving and realization of payment orders
  •  Insight and balance and account turnover
  •  Receipt and cash payment at checkout
  •  Fast and efficient check collection
  •  The ability to use electronic banking
  •  Electronic reports on account balance and changes (via e-mail or mobile phone)
  •  Other services related to payment and reporting

 Naša Banka a.d. accomplishes Your orders:

  •  Internal orders until 6:00 pm
  •  Interbank orders up to 10,000 KM received by 13:00
  •  Orders over 10,000 KM via SWIFT by 3:45 pm

Documentation required for opening transaction accounts of legal entities:

You receive the following documentation from the Bank:

  •  Request form for opening a transaction account
  •  The contract on the use of transaction account
  •  Card of deposited signatures
  •  Authorization
  •  Statement by the owner of the legal entity
  •  Form

The Client is obliged to provide the Bank with the following documentation:

  •  Decision on establishment of a legal entity
  •  JIB (unique identification number)
  •  OP form
  •  Statistics
  •  A copy of the identity card
  •  Financial report