Domestic payments

NAŠA BANKA A.D. provides the complete banking service in one place.
For their needs, clients use payment services in the country and abroad.
We guarantee our customers fast, timely and quality service.

The payment order is an unconditional instruction that the Client submits to the Bank on the payment form to make payment of a certain amount of money from the specified account. Payment orders must be clearly written in one of the languages in official use in RS / BiH, signed by an authorized person and containing the exact number of the payee's account and all the necessary details necessary for the execution of that order, and for the payment orders abroad, the correct name of the bank of the recipient, the exact amount and currency in which the payment is made, otherwise the Client bears all possible consequences.
We realize your tasks during the same banking day as follows:
  • internal requests received by 16.00
  • emergency interbank orders and orders over 10,000.00 KM received by 15.00
  • interbank orders up to KM 10,000.00 received by 1pm
NAŠA BANKA A.D. provides You with:
Free account opening,
Free delivery of statements,
Reception of funds at the counter,
Receipt of the order at the counter,
Delivery of a statement of changes to the account, (in paper form at the counter, electronically, via e-mail, mobile phone),
Issuing certificates at client's request,
Other services in accordance with regulations and special agreements with the client.
In NAŠA BANKA A.D. you can make payments to the public revenue account of Republika Srpska,
We also have accounts of the Indirect Taxation Authority opened, namely: