Standard MasterCard

What is Standard MasterCard?

Standard MasterCard is an international credit card for individuals that is linked to a User's card account. "International" means accepted at all counters, ATMs, and outlets that display the Master logo in the country and the world. "Credit" means that you can withdraw cash at counters and ATMs, pay for goods and services with the card up to the amount of the approved credit limit.

Standard MasterCard is a card based on the revolving principle, which means that the money you deposit as a monthly installment payment, along with the remaining unspent credit card amount, is available for future use.

Advantages of using the Standard MasterCard

  •  Easy and fast credit
  •  Your account has certain funds reserved that you can spend whenever you need
  •  Get rid of carrying cash
  •  Payment of goods and services at home and abroad without a fee
  •  Cash withdrawal at ATMs at home and abroad
  • All debits on the card you make are converted to KM at the MasterCard rate on the debit day


Conditions for obtaining the Standard MasterCard

  •  That you are 18 years of age or older, and possess a valid Identification Document
  •  That you are a BiH citizen
  •  To submit a completed Application for payment card at the counter of Naša Banka a.d.
  •  To file a Certificate of Employment and Amount of Receipt, a Decision on Administrative Prohibition, or to deposit a deposit of 100.00% of the credit limit
  •  To submit a photocopy of the identification document and the original document for validation
  •  To have two guarantors in full-time employment with the Company Certificate of Employment and Amount of Remuneration and the Administrative Prohibition Decisions.
  •  To, when you pick up the card, you sign the Credit Card Use Agreement and one promissory note (signed by both the User and the guarantors) and the guarantors sign the Guarantee Agreement

An additional Standard MasterCard card of Naša Banka a.d. can be obtained by a person that is:

  •  18 years of age or older, and possess a valid Identification Document
  •  Has the authorization of the holder of the primary card, meaning the Primary Card User submits the completed Application for issuance of an additional card at the Naša Banka a.d counter, which has been suppressed by both the Primary Card User and the authorized person
  •  To submit a photocopy of the identification document and the original document for validation

How to use a credit card:

  •  The bank grants the user a certain credit limit (in accordance with the creditworthiness of the user). The limit can be up to 10,000KM
  •  The User is obliged to repay at least 5.00% of the amount due by the 20th of the month, for the previous month, together with the interest and costs of calculating and sending the statement
  •  If by the 20th of the month you settle all the debt for the transactions made in the previous month, interest will not be charged
  •  For cash withdrawal interest is calculated from the day of cash withdrawal at the counter or ATM


Rules for using Standard MasterCard card

  •   Standard MasterCard can be used to withdraw cash at counters and ATMs, as well as for purchases at points of sale, in the country and the world, which are prominently marked with the MasterCard >
  •   Standard MasterCard can be used until the deadline indicated on the card, after which, unless you emphasize that you no longer wish to use the card and have duly fulfilled your obligations to Naša Banka a.d., it automatically reissues, meaning you get a new card with a new expiry date.
  •  The MasterCard Standard is not transferable to another person, and should not be used as a payment security instrument
  •  When withdrawing cash with Standard MasterCard card, be sure to enter your PIN at the ATM, which is considered your signature
  •  The PIN code is not entered when purchasing goods and services at POS
  •  The user of the Standard MasterCard card is also responsible for the proper use of the additional cards issued with their primary card
  •  The Cardholder is obliged to report the loss or theft of the card immediately by calling the Customer Service (No. on the back) in order to block the card and prevent its misuse.



The annual membership fee for the Standard MasterCard 30.00 KM
The annual membership fee for an additional Standard MasterCard 15,00 KM
Regular annual interest rate 13,50 %
For the regular settlement of liabilities to the Bank, the annual interest rate 13,50 %
The default interest rate on an annual basis 13,50 %
Delivery of the statement to the credit card user 3,50 KM
Purchase fee at POSs in the country an the world no fee
At the ATMs and counters of Naša Banka and Nova Banka 1 % of the withdrawal
At ATMs and counters at other banks in the country and the world

1,5 % of the withdrawal


Useful tips

  •  do not keep the card in a visible place
  •  don't lend your card to anyone
  •  never keep your PIN and card in the same place
  •  remember Your PIN or write it down somewhere safe and destroy the envelope with the PIN code
  •  do not write down the PIN-code on the card and do not reveal it to anyone
  •  do not share your personal information and card information with strangers, especially not online
  •  when paying by card, please note:
    •  that the merchant does not carry a card outside Your field of vision
    •  no one sees your PIN when you type it in
    •  not to sign a blank slip
    •  have the merchant cancel the slip if he made a mistake before signing a new one
    •  check the amount on the slip before signing it
  •  keep your slips for checking statement records
  •  immediately report to the Bank any irregularities on the statement
  •  if the statement is in order, immediately after the review, destroy it, because it carries information about your card
  • make sure you return the expired cards to the Bank
  •  use ATMs that are in busy and illuminated locations
  •  don't let others see your PIN when typing in an ATM
  •  do not count the money in front of the ATM

In case of payment card loss or theft, call the number  055/232-321