mBank – mobile banking


Whether you are at home, at work or on the road, you can complete your work without waiting and holding on. The advantages of mBank are:

  •  review of your accounts in local currency (deposits/withdrawals, balance);
  •  statement, review of the account card of current and previous years;
  •  review of entered orders (realized / unrealized, canceled);
  •  payments for utilities and other bills;
  •  payments and transfer of KM funds to the accounts of other individuals and legal entities;
  •  Order value for payment in advance (fill in the order today, but pay on any given day);
  •  exchange rate information and currency calculator;
  •  information on the locations of the Bank's branches;
  •  contact information of all Bank branches;


mBank is a safe, fast and convenient service that provides direct and fast access and all kinds of services, in the internal payment system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, regardless of the Bank's business hours. Use the mBank service to avoid queues, lots of paperwork and lack of time.

Naša Banka a.d. offers security and simplicity.


Security of service:

  •  secrecy and security of your accounts;
  •  encrypted data protection;
  •  minimal data stored on your mobile device;
  •  automatic shutdown of the application after 5 minutes of non-use;
  •  lock the application after 3 incorrectly entered PIN codes.


How to become an mBank user?

mBank services are intended for natural persons who have an account (s) at Naša Banka a.d. After submitting the required application for issuing a certificate for electronic banking or mBank, you become a user of our services.
You can obtain your digital certificate application at the Bank's counter or download it from the website and then submit it to your nearest branch for further processing. After downloading the digital certificate and user guide, you can proceed to install the mBank application on your device, with the support of our team.


Mobile banking (mBank) users:

The mBank service is intended for anyone who has an account open in local currency (KM KM) and who owns a "Smart Phone" with an Android operating system (mobile phone/tablet). The application can be used by all mobile networks in BiH, because the application is not tied to the operator but the internet connection of your device.


What you need for mBank:

  •  Android operativni sistem;
  •  mogućnost pristupa internetu sa mobilnog uređaja;
  •  dovoljno raspoložive memorije za preuzimanje mBank aplikacije (1.1 MB)


mBank contact:

Free info line: 0800 50 213
Phone: +387 55 23 23 37
Fax: +387 55 23 23 01