Loans for VIP clients and individuals of particular business interest to the Bank



VIP clients are employed in the public, financial and insurance sectors and employees of business entities of particular importance to the Bank, who can get loans for all purposes and deadlines. By the term VIP client, we mean persons who fulfill one of the following conditions:

- employees in the public and budget organizations
- employees in other organizations with regular monthly earnings above KM 1.500,00
- long-term clients engaged in independent activity with good reputation in the general public: notaries, lawyers, doctors, accountants, intellectual service providers, etc.
- savings in the Bank over KM 20,000 continuously
- owners and managers of successful businesses


For all purposes


50.000,00 KM for loans approved with a repayment period up to 12 months
150.000,00 KM for loans approved with a repayment period up to 120 months

Repayment periods

Up to 120 months.


From 0,50 %

Annual interest rate

NIR: from 5.95 %

Instruments for loan securing

They depend on the amount of credit and the creditworthiness of the Beneficiary.