Housing loans



Employees, VIP clients and others with regular monthly earnings


To purchase, renovation, reconstruction, construction, extension of residential building or apartment, buying a garage, buying the building plot, cover the cost of acquiring the building and occupancy permits, and cover the cost of legalization of residential building


Up to 150.000,00 KM

Repayment periods

Up to 120 months.


From 0,50 %

Annual interest rate

NIR: from 3,45 %

Housing loans from IRBRS credit lines


From 10.000 up to 150.000 KM

Repayment periods

Up to 25 years


Purchase of housing units,
Construction of housing units,
Reconstruction of housing units,
Adaptation of housing units,
Expansion of housing units. (The total area of an existing housing unit may not exceed 50 m2 for the applicant, plus 20 m2 for each additional household member.


Beneficiary Group: 3.35%

• family members of fallen and missing soldiers,
• disabled war veterans from categories I to IV,
• civilian war casualties, Groups I to IV,
• persons with disabilities referred to in the Article 21, paragraph 3 of the Law on Vocational Rehabilitation, Training, and Employment of Disabled Persons (Official Gazette of the Republika Srpska, Nos. 37/12 and 82/15),
• parents or guardians of children and adults with disabilities referred to in Article 18, paragraph (a), subparagraph 2) and paragraph (b), subparagraph 2) of the Law on Social Protection (“Official Gazette of Republika Srpska” No. 37/2012, 90/2016 and 94/19);
• families and single parents with four or more children,
• housing users in the territory of an underdeveloped or highly undeveloped municipality.

Group: 2,75%

young married couples • beneficiaries of assets under 30, both

Group I: 3,75

• married couples, VII degree of professional education (both);
• Families and single parents with three children

General group: 3,95%

• married couples;
• single parents with one or two children;
• singles