Agricultural loans



Agricultural workers


Loans intended for, the purchase of agricultural machinery, the purchase of basic herd, the purchase of agricultural land, the building of farms and other things related to primary agricultural production, as well as the acquisition of fixed and current assets and other investments in entrepreneurial activities.


Depending on the creditworthiness of the applicant

Repayment periods

Up to 120 months.


From 1,50 %

Annual interest rate

NIR: from 8,75 %

Instruments for loan securing

They depend on the amount of credit and the creditworthiness of the Beneficiary.

Loans for microbusiness in agriculture from IRBRS credit lines


Natural and legal persons registered in the register of the competent authority.


Purchases of fixed assets and working capital, payment of tax liabilities and refinancing.


From 5,000 up to 500,000 KM.

Repayment periods

Up to 10 years
36 months grace period

Interest rates

Valid until 31/03/2020:
basic interest rate: 4.4%
for projects implemented on the territory of underdeveloped or highly undeveloped municipalities: 3.9%
for projects in the field of manufacturing and energy production: 4.1%
for tourism projects: * 4.1%
for export preparation: 3.9%
for owners of businesses / shops under 30: 4.1%
cumulative: 3.9%
for short-term loans for the purchase of domestic agricultural products: ** 3,0%
for the purchase of fixed assets - introduction of new technologies: ** 3.0%
for the acquisition of fixed assets - capital investment in agricultural production: *** 2.7%

* Tourism projects are projects related to the utilization of tourism potentials and improvement of tourist capacities of the Republika Srpska and the Brcko District.
** Only in cases where the margin of financial intermediaries to 2.5 percentage points.
*** Only in cases where the margin of financial intermediaries to 2.0 percentage points.

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