Types of guarantees

  •  participation in public tenders,
  •  good job performance,
  •  The remedy of defects within the guarantee period
  •  orderly payment of customs and transport costs.
  •  repayment of received advances,
  •  repayment of the guarantee deposit,
  •  proper repayment of the loan,
  •  regular settlement of obligations in joint ventures and leasing operations,
  •  orderly payment of obligations for goods,
  •  securing investors' funds in the country.


Instructing party

  •  Legal entities and entrepreneurs registered with the competent authority to carry out activities


  • the amount of the guarantee depends on the terms of the specific contract/tender. Whether the guarantee will be granted depends on the creditworthiness of the originator (quality of business, turnover through a transaction account opened with the Bank, the client's financial condition, the period of the client's cooperation with the Bank, the client's status in the industry and the importance of the industry for the region, security offered placements, reputation of the client, days of delay, speed of collection of arrears, quality of business cooperation, etc.)


  • short-term up to 12 months
  • long-term over 12 months


Required documentation

  •  The request for a guarantee

    The founding documents:

  •  Decision on the entry in the court register
  •  Excerpt from the court register
  •  Statistical number
  •  JIB (unique identification number)
  •  PIB (tax identification number)
  •  Municipal decision
  •  Card of deposited signatures
  •  list of persons authorized for representation
  •  photocopies of the identity card of the owner or director of the company


    Financial documentation:

  •  Balance sheet for the last accounting period
  •  Income statement for the last accounting period
  •  Gross balance
  •  Cards of buyers and suppliers
  •  The last audit report if it is made


Possible instruments for loan securing

  •  User's bill of exchange and the owner's bill of exchange
  •  Transfer orders
  •  real estate mortgage,
  •  lien on a movable property (equipment, passenger and commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, basic herd),
  •  liens on securities quoted on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange, liens on stocks of goods,
  •  the guarantee of one or more solvent guarantors,
  •  pledge of a money deposit, pledge of securities,
  •  stock of precious metals, irrevocable guarantee.