FATCA status

NAŠA BANKA A.D. BIJELJINA has assumed the obligation to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) regulations of the USA, in effect since 01.07.2014. The obligation includes cooperation with the U.S. tax authorities (IRS) and submitting customer information that posses the "U.S. status, " that is, for which FATCA regulations apply.

In accordance with the assumed obligations, the regulations apply to individuals and legal persons in establishing and maintaining a business relationship with NASA BANKA A.D. BIJELJINA, and if it is established that the individual or legal person is subject to obligations under the FATCA regulations.

NAŠA BANKA A.D. BIJELJINA is registered with U.S. IRS with status: 

Participating Financial Institution not covered by an IGA

GIIN: GXAU3T.99999.SL.070

For any additional information regarding the application of FATCA regulations in the business of NAŠA BANKA A.D. BIJELJINA you can contact us via e-mail: uskladjenost@nasa-banka.com


Detailed information on the FATCA regulation is available at:



 You can download the FATCA form here.